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Change Log

Template Change Log

Version 1.0.0
  • Uploaded to Template Gallery November 2018
  • Template based on BSA Unit Template by Troop 88
  • Instructions and other ideas borrowed from Cub Scout Web template originally written by Keith Conover.

Have an Older Version?
When you used this Google Sites Template to create your new website you copied the version as it was on THAT day.  Any changes (improvements) made to the template (after that day) will not be included in your new website.
Occasionally you should click the "Scouts BSA Template" link in the footer of your website and check the "Template Change Log" page for changes or improvements that your website will not include.  You might find something you would like to add to your website or find a bug fix.  (This is one reason why I request that you leave the link to the template in your footer. It makes it easy to check your version.)

Do You Have Something to Contribute?
If you made improvements to your website that others might find useful, please send a link to your page to and we will consider adding it to the current version of the Template and update this page to reflect the improvement.  We also monitor the Users Group and you can post changes you made on it.