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Welcome and Instructions!

posted Nov 22, 2018, 12:36 PM by Jonathan Wilson
Greetings! - this is a simplified Scouts BSA website template. 

There are instructions for setting up and configuring this website for your troop.  The instructions are in the Launch Countdown page.  

Editable graphics are also available so that you can easily customize the graphics for your unit.  You'll need to download and use the free GIMP graphics editing program.

The template is originally based off of the BSA Unit template by Troop 88.

The instructions are heavily borrowed from the Cub Scout Web template originally written by Keith Conover.

For now, this template only works with the Classic Google sites.  The New Sites conversion tool current fails to produce a satisfactory result for this website design and new sites doesn't currently allow templates.

The editable graphics (including the BSA numbers), site tweaks and instructions edits are one part of my Woodbadge ticket.  If you haven't taken Woodbadge yet - do so!

Eric Benedict
Eagle Patrol